Gorgeous Apulia: a stroll and a bite in Polignano a Mare

A delicious visit!


A lovely day at Bracciano lake

If you’re in Rome and are looking for a daily excursion, Bracciano Lake is a cute, tiny lake to spend the day off, it is only 32 km from Rome city centre (1h-30-minute drive) . it’s 20 miles wide, so you can easily visit the lovely villages along its perimeter. We started our visit from…

Mussels au gratin: super easy, super delicious!

Ingredients mussels breadcrumbs Extra virgin olive oil white wine parsley garlic salt   Put mussels in a pan with olive oil, parsley, salt; cover with a lid and cook until they open up. In a bowl, mix breadcrumbs, minced garlic, minced parsley, EV olive oil, white wine and salt until you get a smooth mixture….

[PHOTO OF THE DAY]: getting to Rocca Calascio Castle

Blue sky…mountains that are almost naked…and then, behind a curve…an awe-inspiring view: Rocca Calascio! Thinking of old times and how people could reach this place or stay here, 1.460 metres above sea level, in the middle of the mountains! …no rush, no noise, except the wind and the birds…astonishing! Visit unspoiled Abruzzo! Click here

10 things that prove you grew up in an Italian family

1. YOUR CONCEPT OF MEAL IS DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHERS You easily find yourself saying: “Is it 3 pm already???” Lunch is not just feeding yourself in an Italian family: it’s a way to stay together, to enjoy both a good conversation and a delicious dish. 2. YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN WHEN TALKING…