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A lovely day at Bracciano lake

If you’re in Rome and are looking for a daily excursion, Bracciano Lake is a cute, tiny lake to spend the day off, it is only 32 km from Rome city centre (1h-30-minute drive) . it’s 20 miles wide, so you can easily visit the lovely villages along its perimeter.

We started our visit from Anguillara Sabazia, a town dated back to I or II century B.C. Its name probably comes from the villa of a rich Roman Patrician lady, Rutilia Polla, who had an angle-shaped villa, called “Angularia”, from which the town gets its name (“angulus” is the Latin word for “angle”), where the city centre is located now .

Take your time to indulge in walking along the tiny streets, and don’t forget to take a look at the lake from the corner where Rutilia’s villa was built.

Keep driving and, in about 15 minutes, you’ll reach the town that gives the name to the lake: Bracciano. The town is bigger than Anguillara Sabazia, so we spent more time visiting this place. The Odescalchi castle really deserves a visit (ticket is 8.50 euros)! We ate a very typical Lazio street food at La Cirioletta Ignorante …take the chance to eat here! La ciriola romana is a type of bread (like the shape of a rugby ball and very soft inside) filled with oxtail, tripe, sausages and many other things. The restaurant also serves lasagna, soups (during winter), fish, eggplant parmigiana, vegetables and cakes. The whole village is nice and filled with incredible views! Get to the belvedere to take some awesome photos of the lake! We relaxed and had an espresso with a very good pastry at Gran Caffè Principe di Napoli

We ended our visit with the last village in our trip, Trevignano Romano. We had a beautiful walk along the lake shore…the little town is really nice!

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