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Foodies’ tips: some traditional and street food to eat while in Florence and Tuscany!

What you cannot miss if you choose Tuscany and Florence as your foodie escape!


The word means “reboiled”. It comes from farmers’ tradition and it’s a soup made of bread, black cabbage, potato, beans, tomato and other vegetables. Soooooo good!

Fiorentina steak  

The name comes from the cut of the meat: it’s a thick t-bone steak. You don’t know where to have one? Here’s a rank of the 10 best fiorentina steaks! (click here)

Photo credit:
Fiorentina steak – Photo credit:

Pappa al pomodoro

A very yummy traditional dish, made of stale bread, tomato, garlic, basil. It’s very simple, but delicious…absolutely to try!

Pici pasta

Pici are a thick, spaghetti-like type of pasta, typical of southern Tuscany. They’re traditionally served with “aglione” sauce, a garlicky tomato sauce (from the word aglio, garlic), bread crumbs or tomato sauce with duck meat.

Pici pasta - photo from the web
Pici pasta – photo from the web


It’s cow stomach, slowly cooked with tomato, onion, parsley and celery. Only the brave…for a very tasty bite!

Lampredotto sandwich
Lampredotto sandwich


It’s a salad made of stale bread, red onion, basil, dressed with vinegar and olive oil. Delicious!

Panzanella salad - photo credit: luccacittà.net
Panzanella salad – photo credit: luccacittà.net

Panino with Sbriciolona

Sbriciolona is the name of a very typical Tuscan cured meat with fennel seeds, known all over Italy as Finocchiona (from the word finocchio, fennel). You must try it if you’re in Tuscany! We had a sandwich with Sbriciolona, Pecorino cheese cream and arugula at All’Antico Vinaio… terrifically good!!! You cannot leave Florence without eating here!

Chianina beef hamburger

Chianina is the original Tuscan cow breed. If you’re looking for a good takeaway Chianina beef burger, you must try the one at I Torelli, food trucks you can find along the streets of Florence…tasting is believing!

chianina hamburger at I Torelli
I Torelli food truck


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