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7 reasons why Milan should be your next foodie destination

A foodie holiday in Milan

When it comes to Italian holidays, you probably don’t get much advise on a big city like Milan. You’re usually addressed to Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Rome, Sicily…but this city has many attractions for travelers! Of course, we were looking for great food “attractions”…and Milan has it all!

Here are some places we tried, which give you (among the many others!) 7 good reasons to put Milan on your foodie bucket list!

Scaringi – That’s the place we always go for breakfast when we visit friends! Tuns of different croissants to choose from, delicious patisseriea place you have to go to! There are dfferent locations, we always go at the one in via Pacini.

28 posti – We had an incredible dinner in this place! It’s a recent restaurant, the chef is incredibly creative…you’ll be amazed by his cuisine! We decided for the “blind menu“, so we let the chef choose the dishes…fabulous!

Adulis – This place is amazing! It’s an Eritrean restaurant; the food is delicious and there’s a cultural “surplus” you have to try: you must eat with your hands, no cutlery allowed!

Bhangrabar – We went to this bar with some friends…the buffet is huge and so various! The best things, though, are the cocktails: they’re very good and unique!

Nara Sushi – There’s plenty of Japanese restaurants in Milan. We always go to Nara because they have particular dishes on the menu even if  it’s an all-you-can-eat restaurant!

Wang JiaoReal Chinese cuisine in Milan! They have 4 restaurants; we went to the one in via Padova. Minimal design, terrific dishes…truly Chinese!

Pavé – More than just a bakery! They recently opened a second place, where they make their own gelato and slush. One of the greatest places to go for pastries we’ve been so far! Our photos speak for themselves!




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