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Visiting Umbria: the beauty of Spello and its “infiorate”!

Umbria has a special place in our hearts. It was our first holiday together when we started dating, it’s been our music escape for all these years, because of its “Umbria Jazz festival” in Perugia; it’s a region that we know very well, because it’s close to Abruzzo and this gave us the chance to travel it extensively.

Today we want to talk to you about Spello, a lovely town in Perugia province. It’s part of the exclusive “The most beautiful villages of Italy” club and you find out why as soon as you enter its walls: doesn’t it look like a marvelous painting? (Click on the images to view gallery)

The town is important for its olive oil, but most of all for its wonderful Infiorate! Infiorate are stunning floral decorations made by real artists during Corpus Domini. The custom of decorating the path of religious processions is very old and it became a heartfelt homage to Corpus Domini celebration.

We last visited Spello the day after this beautiful event took place, and you could still see these stunning flower “carpets” everywhere in town, with their wonderful scents!

The artists make 1.500 metres of flower scenes every year, which draw inspiration from religious themes, celebrating Jesus and the Eucharistic miracle.

They work on their patterns and images for months, then make their colourful masterpieces using flowers and plants. Spello is a beautiful place to visit all year round, but during Infiorate the town is even more magical! To get information on next Infiorate event click here! (Click on the images to view gallery)



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