Alberobello: white beauty, enchanting stay and a food discovery!

Staying and eating in Alberobello


Budapest: guida essenziale per buongustai!

Cosa e dove mangiare nella “perla del Danubio”

Fresh, tasty, easy: Panzanella on a hot summer day!

Let’s be honest: we love cooking, but when it’s 42 degrees Celsius outside (and believe us, it often happens in Italy!)…would you dare to turn the cooker on ? Here’s a delicious and simple recipe, directly from Tuscan tradition, which is perfect for your summer days: PANZANELLA! Ingredients: stale bread slices red tomatoes cucumber Onion (or a shallot)…

[PHOTO OF THE DAY]: getting to Rocca Calascio Castle

Blue sky…mountains that are almost naked…and then, behind a curve…an awe-inspiring view: Rocca Calascio! Thinking of old times and how people could reach this place or stay here, 1.460 metres above sea level, in the middle of the mountains! …no rush, no noise, except the wind and the birds…astonishing! Visit unspoiled Abruzzo! Click here

10 things that prove you grew up in an Italian family

1. YOUR CONCEPT OF MEAL IS DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHERS You easily find yourself saying: “Is it 3 pm already???” Lunch is not just feeding yourself in an Italian family: it’s a way to stay together, to enjoy both a good conversation and a delicious dish. 2. YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN WHEN TALKING…

Visiting Umbria: the beauty of Spello and its “infiorate”!

Umbria has a special place in our hearts. It was our first holiday together when we started dating, it’s been our music escape for all these years, because of its “Umbria Jazz festival” in Perugia; it’s a region that we know very well, because it’s close to Abruzzo and this gave us the chance to travel…

10 reasons why you should visit Abruzzo in winter!

Abruzzo is the perfect place for any type of holiday you like! Are you thinking of winter to come visit? Here are 10 great reasons why you should visit Abruzzo in magical winter season! 1. Christmas markets Anywhere you decide to stay in the region, our beautiful towns will host a lovely Christmas market during December, with artisan…

The best of Saint Patrick’s day…and a walk in Dublin!

Raise your hand if you’ve been to Saint Patrick’s day in Dublin at least once! NEVER BEEN??? You don’t know what you are missing! Dublin is a gorgeous city and being there on March 17th is simply incredible! These are some photos of our trip to Dublin in 2012! The parade, the Temple Bar…and of…