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Fresh, tasty, easy: Panzanella on a hot summer day!

Let’s be honest: we love cooking, but when it’s 42 degrees Celsius outside (and believe us, it often happens in Italy!)…would you dare to turn the cooker on ?

Here’s a delicious and simple recipe, directly from Tuscan tradition, which is perfect for your summer days: PANZANELLA!


stale bread slices

red tomatoes


Onion (or a shallot)


olive oil



ground black pepper

1. cut bread in cubes and put it in a bowl with some water and a spoon of vinegar until it softens, then gently squeeze it (it doesn’t have to get soaked)

2. Cut onion into very thin slices and put it in a bowl with water and a spoon of vinegar for at least 30 minutes (you do so to soften its flavour, but you can avoid the whole procedure if you like it richer)

3. Cut tomatoes in cubes and take off the seeds. Peel the cucumber and cut it very thin. Drain the onion.

4. Put all ingredients in a bowl, add basil (chop it with your hands, don’t use a knife), Extra Virgin olive oil, pepper, salt and mix with a spoon. It should rest for about 20 minutes in the fridge.

Take it out of the fridge about 15 minutes before you serve it.

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