A walk in Trevi

... and some good Italian food!


Umbria is a jewel in the heart of Central Italy. This region has a special place in our heart, because it was our first holiday together. The first of many, so now we know Umbria and its delicious cuisine very well.

Trevi is one of our favourite towns and it’s part of The most beautiful old villages of Italy club. Way before you arrive, you can see it nestled on its hill, in all its glory.

The walk in Trevi is itself really beautiful: narrow alleys, old doors, flowers everywhere. You can also spot the many traces of ancient frescoes around the village. The most famous is Diana and Atteone one.

Diana and Atteone fresco

Don’t forget to visit the garden inside Villa Fabri: a stunning balcony overlooking the olive groves.

Before leaving Trevi, you cannot miss to taste its delicious cuisine. We had lunch at Taverna Del Sette. Everything was very good, we really recommend a stop here. This is what we ate:

tomino cooked in foil with wild asparagus, roasted cherry tomatoes with herbs

Stewed codfish with plums and pachino tomatoes

Pappardelle with wildboar meat sauce, Norcia pecorino cheese and herbs

Veal tartare with Meaux mustard, capers and homemade pickled artichokes

Onions au gratin

70% dark chocolate lava cake with homemade jam

Chantilly cream mille-feuille, roasted almonds and lemon julienne

Here’s our photo walk in Trevi:

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