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How to make lemon flavoured coffee!

Add a new twist to your homemade moka pot coffee! Here’s a hint to make a lemon flavoured coffee that will surprise your friends and guests! It’s not sour as you may think…and the tinge of lemon is so good!

Put water in your moka pot and add a couple of lemon zests;

add coffee as you would do for a normal moka pot coffee;

Add a zest also in the upper part of the pot, where the coffee normally comes out;


We usually add a zest in the cup too.

When the coffee is ready, pour it in your cup, add sugar if you want…and your lemon flavoured coffee is ready!

Do you know the simple rules to make a good moka pot coffee?

1. Don’t put to much coffee powder in the pot and don’t press!

2. Turn off the burner as soon as watery coffee starts to come out (when the coffee coming out is not sticking to the sides of the “tower” anymore).

3. Never wash your moka pot with soap!

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