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Very Inspiring Blogger Award…thank you so much!

We’ve been away for a while, but we come back with a special THANK YOU to say, once again! “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”…it is such a surprise to receive this award! The new friends we have met during this amazing adventure in blogging have become part of our journey and our lives! We’re very happy to see that, in some ways, we’re a small part of your blogging life too!

Thank you so much to our friend Whitney for nominating us! Her blog Indian cooking made easy is the best place to go look for AMAZING Indian recipes and get inspired for your next meal! She has received the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” too and they couldn’t make a better choice! THANK YOU Whitney!

The rules of the award are as follows:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Post the award image to your page.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself. 

  • Both Maple and Saffron’s favourite colour is yellow;
  • Saffron is a very good skier but Maple has just started learning it; they used to go skiing to the Alps quite often when they lived in Italy;
  • Saffron worked as a sous-chef both in Italy and France when he was younger;
  • Maple loves cats; she had a cat for 16 years, his name was Sweety and he was the sweetest cat in the world; her mom has another cat now, but he could never take Sweety’s place in her heart;
  • before dating, Maple and Saffron were part of the same company of friends for many years, but never thought they could end up together one day;
  • both Maple and Saffron have a passion for maple syrup and use it to create new dishes as often as possible;
  • both Maple and Saffron miss the sun of Italy but hope to go back as often as possible, showing people the secrets of Italy with their tours!

Maple&Saffron nominate:

Grant and Wendy

Homemade with mess

Travel. Garden. Eat.

Cooking with Daniel


    1. Hi Letizia! Yes, I just had time to write about the other award yesterday…I was going to answer today…THANK YOU so much!!! It is such a nice thing of you! We should definitely thank you in person…when are you coming to Abruzzo? 🙂

  1. Oh my, I am so flattered having been nominated by a blog that always leaves me yearning to return to Italy and explore corners I have yet to see, like Abruzzo! Hoping the boys find good scholarships for college during these next few years so that we might return sooner rather than later!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We’ll be waiting for you in Abruzzo…there’s even more to discover 🙂

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