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Pumpkin, Mortadella, almond and Pecorino cheese risotto

We made a little experiment a few days ago and we decided to post it on our blog.
It may sound like a really unusual recipe, especially Mortadella in a risotto…but the final result is delicious! We don’t have the exact quantities for the ingredients, because when we made it we didn’t know if it was going to be good or not…but we took some photos!

For the broth


For the risotto

Rice (Arborio type)
Pecorino Sardo cheese
EV olive oil
White wine

First thing to do is to prepare the broth to cook the risotto. Put onion, tomato and celery in salted water and let them boil;

ricetta blogNEW0

cut the pumpkin in small pieces and pan-fry it with EV olive oil, a clove of garlic and a little bit of salt;

ricetta blogNEW1

cut Mortadella in small pieces and pan-fry it with a little bit of EV olive oil, until it becomes brownish;

ricetta blogNEW2

cut the almonds and roast them a little bit in a pan;

ricetta blogNEW3

now it’s time for risotto! Put a little bit of butter and EV olive oil in a pan, let the butter melt, then add chopped onion. Sauté it a little bit then add the rice;ricetta blogNEW4

let it toast a little bit and then add some white wine; when it stops bubbling add the broth; keep adding it anytime the rice gets dry until it’s ready;ricetta blogNEW5ricetta blogNEW8

make a sauce with the pumpkin and add it to the rice;

ricetta blogNEW6 ricetta blogNEW7ricetta blogNEW9

when the rice is ready add the Pecorino Sardo cheese and let it melt;

ricetta blogNEW10

put the risotto in a plate, add almonds, Mortadella and…buon appetito!ricetta blogNEW11


    1. It’s really good Julie 🙂 and you can decide how much cheese to put in it, depending on the strength of flavour you prefer 😉

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