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Compartir restaurant: “sharing” happiness in Cadaqués (Spain)!

Our first foodie stop in Spain!


Here we are: crossed the southern “border” of France, Spain welcomes our arrival with a precious jewel: the town of Cadaqués!

This beautiful village in Costa Brava has a great history, dating back to the Iberians. Shiny white, deep blue, bright green… a walk in Cadaqués is enchanting, with its flowered streets and white buildings!

Take a stroll with us in our gallery:





Cadaqués was our first stop during our road trip along the Eastern coast of Spain in June. Obviously you know we also had a culinary reason to be here… we also stopped for lunch at Compartir restaurant!

We always do prepare our trip before starting a new culinary adventure and, while searching, we really liked the idea behind Mateu CasañasOriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch‘s restaurant. The Spanish word compartir means “to share” and that’s what you actually do there: they serve the food in the middle of the table, so that everyone can share… if they want to! Because their dishes are so delicious that you want to finish the whole plate!!!

The creative twist of their tapas is an indisputable sign of their experience at El Bulli restaurant: tradition and future mixed together in a blend that’s full of both elegance and consistency… pure poetry, our palates rejoiced!

One example for all: theirs version of matò (a fresh cheese made from sheep or goat milk, traditonally served with honey or sugar), made of almonds, adding truffles, pine honey and pine nuts and served with sardines… unbelievably delicious!

Here’s a gallery of the menu we tasted:





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  1. planning on trying Compartir for a birthday treat. Does anyone have a recent menu? I have searched online to no avail. thanks, Dave

      1. thanks for your reply, only just seen it. I have booked for Jan 31st … hope we are out of lockdown by then

  2. Thanks for the tip on Compartir/Cadaqués. I’m heading off in my VW camper with my family to Andorra next week and this has influenced a trip out there for a few days too. Great post and serendipitous too!

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