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A day at Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto in Turin!

We spent a day at “Salone del Gusto”, the big Slow Food exibition in Turin that shows Slow Food’s presidia from all over the world, as well as sustainable agriculture and food producers.

This place is a foodie Wonderland! For these two foodies in particular, who come from a region that is really proud of its products and food culture, it was a truly emotional experience! Here you can see “strange” fruit, seeds from faraway countries and new products.

Although being a gastronomic event, Salone del Gusto is not just about food: you can walk in it and feel the good vibes, the vibes that come out of a place where different cultures get together, share their traditions and food. All the people we met were very happy to explain what they did and give you more information about their products…you could feel their passion!

The most curious things we tasted? Smoked reindeer tongue from Scandinavia; some incredible tiny plants, like the Sechuan Button, which makes your mouth salivate; or the BlinQ Blossom that tastes like sea water; and the Oyster Leaf, a leaf that tastes like oyster! Or a less-known citrus fruit, still cultivated in a small area in Sardinia, called Pompìa !

Sechuan Button
Sechuan Button (photo from the web)

A big part of the exhibition was dedicated to Italian street food! We had a delicious farinata with pesto and cheese, but you could choose among different products from all over Italy!

If you missed 2014 edition we hope, reading our article and looking at the photos, you could feel a little like being there… and we suggest you should start planning your 2015 visit!


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