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The wine route: a culinary tour in Alsace

What to see in Alsace: the wine route

When it comes to France (as you probably already know) we must admit we’re so in love with it that we cannot help visiting every once in a while!

This time, we wanted to learn more about Alsace and what it has to offer…and, of course, we carte-simplifiee-route-des-vins-2014-FRdealt with food and wine! Believe us, this region will astonish you!

We of the first things we learned is that Alsace is famous for its “Route des Vins” (the wine route) and we really didn’t want to miss that! So here’s an overall view of what you can see and where you can stop during this beautiful itinerary. If we tickle your fancy, don’t miss our future articles, in which we’ll get specific about all the places we visited: there’s so much to see…and TASTE!

We started our “route” from south with Thann, a teeny tiny village. Even though the weather wasn’t good,  we had a very nice walk.

We left Thann and we reached Soultz, where you absolutely cannot miss “Seconde Vie”, an antique store with an incredible collection of very old objects!

Time to head Eguisheim, one of “The most beautiful villages of France” …with good reason, don’t you agree?

Wherever you walk it seems like Asterix and Obelix will pop out every corner to say hello! We had pretty good foodie experiences here, we’ll talk about it so be on the lookout!

We quickly stopped in Rouffach and Gueberschwihr, which were also nice to see.

Then we discovered the astonishing beauty of Colmar (click HERE for the article about Colmar)! Wherever you walk, it’s like being in a fairy-tale movie! Bright colours, stalls with food, handcrafts and whatnot. The food was outstanding and you absolutely must visit the covered market! This little city really deserves a celebration…and we will celebrate it with an entire article! Here are some photos:

We continued this beautiful route visiting Riquewihr, one of the most beautiful villages of France (really pretty but excessively touristic for us), where we visited “La legende de sorcieres”, a store where (believe it or not) they only sell witch dolls! Absolutely forbidden to take photos (don’t ask why).  We also had one of the greatest foodie experiences of our lives in this little town…stay tuned, we’ll talk about it in a future article! We then reached the beautiful Ribeauvillé, with a hotel that dates back to the 14th century!

Continuing north, we visited the stunning Haut-Koenigsbourg castle (article to come).


Then we finally reached the jewel called Strasbourg! (read about it HERE) …yes, the tale ends here for now! Did we arouse your curiosity? Keep following then, we’ll talk about our culinary experiences during this beautiful journey in the near future, suggesting many not-to-be-missed foodie stops!


  1. Looks awesome! I was in Riquewihr in July, but did not get the chance to visit the other villages. Absolutely enjoyed the wine. Riquewihr had such amazing Gewürztraminer. Which village was your favourite? Would you return?

    1. Thank you! It’s so difficult to answer your question! They were all beautiful, but I would say we fell in love with Colmar 🙂 Nice to meet you and thank you for reading! Alessia

  2. I just finished a class at Napa Valley College and the section on Alsace was eye-opening: a region and varietals I had not experienced. Your article is a beautiful supplement to what we learned in class – well done! If you’re interested, check out and follow our wine country blog:

    1. You’re totally right: Alsace is an astonishing discovery, both in terms of food and wine! Thank you so much for your kind words! If you ever come to Italy, may I take the liberty of suggesting you to explore the wines we have in Abruzzo region? You wouldn’t be disappointed! 😉

  3. Loved this post– we lived in Spain (now in California) for several years and would drive north on vacation with our kids– Colmar was one of our favorite stops– ultra charming even if there are plenty of tourists– and the countryside and village around are beautiful! Thanks for the fun post– wish we were making that same trip!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Yes, Colmar is a lovely place, we enjoyed it so much! Will be talking about it in a future article…so many food experiences it really deserves its own post! Thanks for stopping by!

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