How to make your own pasta for lasagna!

Healthier Lasagna? Make your own pasta sheets! Extremely easy…and fun!


4 room-temperature medium eggs

400 gr flour

a pinch of salt


Sift out flour; make a “fountain” in the heap of flour with your hand; break the eggs in the fountain, one at a time, and add salt; start beating eggs, first with a fork then mix them with your hands, from the edges to the centre, so that the mixture doesn’t drain out of the flour heap while you mix. Work the mixture until it absorbs all the flour (add a bit of lukewarm water if the dough is too hard, add flour if it’s too soft) and becomes a dough. Wrap it in plastic wrap and let it stand for about 1 hour. When it’s time, take the dough and start rolling it out. Use your pasta machine to make long thin stripes of dough, then cut them into squares (I cut them the same dimensions as the casserole I wanted to bake lasagna in). Cook your pasta squares in boiling water for 1 minute (don’t put too many squares in the water or they will stick together). When ready, drain them and put them on a tablecloth.

Voilà… your lasagna pasta is ready! I used it to make fish and zucchini lasagna… buon appetito!

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