Wonders of Bomarzo: the Monster Park (il Parco dei mostri)!

Among gigantic statues and monstrous creatures, Bomarzo Monster Park is a place to visit! Created by architect Pirro Ligorio in 1552, strongly wanted by prince Orsini in his property, it was abandoned and restored after centuries. Here’s a gallery of photos from our visit to this incredible place!               

The best of Saint Patrick’s day…and a walk in Dublin!

Raise your hand if you’ve been to Saint Patrick’s day in Dublin at least once! NEVER BEEN??? You don’t know what you are missing! Dublin is a gorgeous city and being there on March 17th is simply incredible! These are some photos of our trip to Dublin in 2012! The parade, the Temple Bar…and of…

A walk in Munich!

Munich…a beautiful and vibrant city! Here’s a collection of photos we took while we were there…hope to arouse your curiosity if you still have to visit it! Can we give you a tip? Get lost…let the city show you the way!

A beautiful day in Orvieto, Umbria: food and music!

We spent a day in Orvieto during “Umbria Jazz Winter” Festival…it was such a marvelous surprise! Before entering the town, we visited the public gardens…the view from there was gorgeous!We started our walk along the narrow streets…and we found out that Orvieto is bigger than it looks at a first glance! The Christmas decorations gave…