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Six good reasons to visit Abruzzo in the summer

Have you been told Italy is too hot to visit during the summer? No way! If you need inspiration, Abruzzo has some very good reasons why you should definitely be there and not miss what is going on during the summer! Here are some of them.

. Daylight hours to enjoy mountain and hilltop activities

One third of Abruzzo’s territory is made of protected areas: it has three National parks, a Regional park and more than thirty Natural Reserves. Moreover, Abruzzo’s mountains have the highest peaks of the Apennines, which give the region its famous stunning landscapes. If you love outdoor activities or simply relaxing in the mountains, summer is the season that gives you the longest daylight hours to enjoy your adventures in Abruzzo natural parks.


. Golden sands and enchanting coves

With its 130 kilometres of coastline, Abruzzo has a great variety of seashores: you can choose between wide golden sand beaches and enchanting hidden coves and bays. Summer is the perfect time of the year if you like spending your time lying down on warm sands and sunbathe!

Roseto degli Abruzzi, spiaggia e ombrellonicosta

. Sagre

The best part for both food and tradition lovers: sagre! A “sagra” is a local feast, organized by a town or a municipality, which usually celebrates a particular dish or product. A celebration of regional food and culinary traditions, they give you the unique chance to see the real soul of Abruzzo and its people. Prosciutto, arrosticini, porchetta, wine, craft beer: we have so many “sagre” in Abruzzo during the summer, you simply can’t see them all in just one visit!


. Historical commemorations and feasts

Abruzzo has a 4,000-year-old history and a rich tradition to discover. We celebrate our past with several Medieval and historical commemorations all over the region, most of them taking place during the summer. Old courts, medieval costumes, ancient recipes and banquets…a dive into the past you will never forget!

palio delle botti

. Outdoor dining

No need to add many words…the picture speaks for itself! Daylight until 9m: that is summer dining! Enjoy the summer breeze with a traditional Abruzzo dish, a good glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and a stunning panorama like this one…do you really want to miss all that?

outdoor dining

. Lidos and summer passeggiata

A “lido”, in Italy, generally indicates a combination of facilities and services provided on the beach, such as a bar that sells food and beverages, offers beach umbrellas, beach chairs, beach loungers, paddleboats etc. Lidos are usually open only in the summertime and offer entertainment at night: they liven up the nightlife of those who take their passeggiata (walk) along the seafront: cocktails, live music, beach volley tourneys, fireworks…summer in Abruzzo is definitely a lot of fun!

cerranovacanze lido giornolido aurora nottegiulianova news fuochilungomare notte

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  1. Abruzzo looks absolutely HEAVENLY. I sincerely hope I get to return to your beautiful country and vacation there someday. Once Italy gets in your blood, it’s game over. 🙂

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