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Moro River Canadian War Cemetery

Near Ortona, in Abruzzo, there is a place that links Italians and Canadians: the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery.

Maple&Saffron Moro River Ortona

“By the winter of 1943 the German armies in Italy were defending a line stretching from the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Naples, to the Adriatic Sea south of Ortona. The Allies prepared to break through this line to capture Rome. For its part, the 1st Canadian Infantry Division was to cross the Moro River and take Ortona”.

The battle for the seaside town of Ortona was one of the most bitter of the war. Ortona was taken after eight days of fierce fighting. In January 1944 the Canadian Corps selected this site, intending that it would contain the graves of those who died during the Ortona battle and in the fighting in the weeks before and after it.

Visiting this place is an occasion to know something more about history and it’s the chance for our guests to find old relatives, who fought in that battle during those terrible years.

It’s a very neat and peaceful place, where you can escape the crowded and busy everyday life and talk to your inner being.

Maple&Saffron Moro River Canadian War Cemetery

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