Ogni piatto racconta una storia. 

Siamo due abruzzesi affamati con l’obiettivo di assaggiare tutto il cibo del mondo. Unisciti al viaggio per scoprire ristoranti, piatti locali ed itinerari gustosi.  Unisciti agli altri +1,6K foodies, clicca sul pulsante FOLLOW  e ricevi i nostri consigli via email. 

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Every dish tells a story.

Two hungry Italians on a quest to taste all the food in the globe. Join our journey to discover restaurants, local dishes and culinary itineraries. Join +1,6K food and travel lovers and click our FOLLOW button.

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Italian-Canadian, grown up with a love for cooking and traditional food. Making gnocchi with my nonna since I was 5, traveler since I was 12.  Language teacher, destination travel specialist and avid traveller. I believe a good meal can change your life forever.


100% Italian with a worldwide spirit, sharing the passion for food, travels and Abruzzo with my wife, and all of you. Passionate musician, cooking teacher and hearty eater, I travel around with Alessia, looking for hidden food wonders around Italy and the world.

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