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A visit to “Fritto Misto” with Maple&Saffron: Ascoli’s deep fried food festival!

Deep fried food is your best dream and your biggest addiction? There’s no better place than “Fritto Misto” in Ascoli for you then! We visit this food festival every year…and it’s a new experience every time!

Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto1Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto2

The rain didn’t scare us! We “took shelter” under the bigger food tent…and we started tasting!

Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto3

There were different types of food from Italian regions (Marche, Liguria, Sardinia, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Sicilia)

Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto4Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto5Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto6Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto7

and different countries in the world (Empanadas and arepas from Peru, Japan with its Tempura, Fish&chips from England, Greece and its Pita, Falafel from the Middle-East)!

Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto8Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto9Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto10Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto12Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto13

We could not end our fantastic experience with a “must-try” of Italy…a tasteful cannolo from Sicily!

Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto15Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto16

But Fritto Misto experience is not only that: tastings of beers, liquor, as well as olive oil and wine from Marche region, restaurants with special menus just for this incredible event…and also special workshops, like embroidery and straw binding, to learn more about the culture of this marvelous region! Don’t forget to contact Maple&Saffron for a fantastic day trip to this foodie event…a fascinating experience you shouldn’t miss!

Maple&Saffron blog Fritto Misto17

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