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The magic of Roussillon: the red village!

You already know we adore France! We had several must-stop places on our bucket list and when we finally visited, Roussillon was one of the highlights of our tour!

This gorgeous village, in stunning Vaucluse department, is a red gem you cannot miss if you visit Southern France! We were there late April, but if you go in June you’ll also find lavender fields in bloom, which is something absolutely gorgeous!

The town seats on an ochre hill and there’s also an “Ochre path” that you can take if you want! Pastel-coloured houses, narrow streets, flowers everywhere…look at our photos, Roussillon is really magical!

We arrived late afternoon, so we had the chance to take a few photos at night and taste its cuisine at a very good restaurant, “Le Piquebaure“…we recommend it to all foodies, delicious dishes! See it for yourself in our gallery below:

The morning after our arrival, we decided to take a long walk to enjoy the town at its best and to have some more photos to show you. We had breakfast at a lovely boulangerie called “Au Temps Passé“. We had a quiche lorraine and a croque-monsieur, but we also bought a pain au chocolat and a sacristain to go. Look at the table we sit at? Isn’t it another magical corner?!

Have you ever visited Roussillon? Do you have any other tip to share? Leave a comment, we want to hear from you!

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  1. Very nice photos of the red village. Now we regret not having time to explore it… Chose the Ochers of Roussillon instead, which was awesome as well

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