The majesty of nature (and some foodie stops): welcome to the Cabot Trail!

CABOT TRAIL36 - where the foodies go

If you’re a wildlife lover, this experience is for you!

We lived in Nova Scotia for almost a year and, among all the marvelous things to see while there, we decided to go for a two-day adventure along the Cabot Trail, on Cape Breton island. This 300-km scenic roadway takes its name from Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto, who was the first to land in Cape Breton in 1497.

We visited this marvelous place in fall and we higlhy recommend to do the same…the colours are amazing! Anytime of year you go, though, the landscapes will be spectacular and so different one from another! Here are some photos of our adventure, with a funny stop and some tips on where to eat and stay!

First gallery is a collection of some of the landscapes we saw and photographed…Can you spot the moose?

Along the way, stop at Joe’s scarecrow for funny pictures!

The first foodies stop you cannot miss is The dancing goat! The best coconut pie ever!!! (so good I forgot to take a photo!).

We stayed at the Keltic Lodge a stunning hotel along the way! Look at the pictures! The room was big and the bed sooooo comfy! And the breakfast…oh, the breakfast! Huge choice of delicacies!

We had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, with live music..very nice!

Have you ever been to the Cabot Trail? Do you have any tip to add? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

©Where the foodies go

CABOT TRAIL32 - where the foodies go

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  1. what a beautiful landscapes! 🙂


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