Our first GIVEAWAY!

Dear followers and friends,

when we started our blogging adventure, we didn’t expect such huge appreciation and support! You’ve become so numerous in the last few months and we really feel honored…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We decided to celebrate you, old and new friends, with our first GIVEAWAY through our brand-new Facebook page!

We wanted to give you something that was special for us, something that had a meaning and (of course!) was also related to food. So, we decided to give you one of our beautiful design MUGS, which is very special to us, because it represents one of the symbols of our Italian region: the traditional “lady” of Scanno!

Scanno is a tiny little town, nestled in our mountains, which is part of “one of the most beautiful villages of Italy” club! It’s known as “the photographers’ town”, because many of them come to take photos of this enchanting old town: every corner is stunning! See it for yourself:

Scanno is also known for the traditional dress ladies used to wear (and still wear in many occasions), with its unique hat:


Together with our mug, you’ll get a symbol of this little town, the traditional lady from Scanno, and a little piece of who we are!

How to win our giveaway

1. “Like” our Facebook page 

2. Leave a comment under THIS POST and tell us the greatest food experience you’ve ever had (please, do not forget to add the name of your blog or you won’t get the chance to win!)

3. wait to know if you’re the winner!

The most beautiful comment (chosen at our discretion) will win our DESIGN MUG in a nice box! We’ll give you the name of the winner on Saturday November 19th in a blog post! STAY TUNED!

Be among the potential winners RIGHT NOW on our Facebook Page!

We can’t wait to read you!!!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. My greatest eating experience happened in China. I was travelling on my own, it was my third night in Beijing and a day before, I met at the hostel lobby an amazing pair of people: Ekaterina from Asian part of Russia and her boyfriend Rich from California, USA. I was on my way to bed when I heard them knocking at my door: “Kasia, have you eaten the most famous Beijing duck? You must try it! You can’t leave China without tasting it! Come on!”- they said. And so we went, to one of the most famous Beijing’s Restaurant, serving only Roasted Duck. We were waiting for a table for at least an hour, we could watch the ducks been prepared at our sight in the stone ovens. The duck was superb, but for me eating is more about spending time with amazing people. And there we were – a Polish, a Russian and an American sitting and eating duck in Chinese capital, having an awesome time. It happened couple of years ago but I still remember the taste of food, the scent of that evening, the lights on our way and that feeling of magic in the air. And I’m sure that I will never forget it.
    Kasia Walkowiak (fitlifebykasia.wordpress.com)


    1. OMG, Kasia, this is a great food experience! Please follow the instructions and participate in the contest on our Facebook page, so you can get the chance to win! 😊


      1. Haha. Thx, and I was wondering why nobody is commenting under this post 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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