A delicious “food-stop” in Liguria: San Remo!


On our way back from France last year, it was almost nightime and we were still far from home. We didn’t want to drive all night, so we decided to stop in Sanremo. This beautiful Ligurian city is very popular in Italy, since the famous “Italian song festival” has taken place here since 1951. Sanremo is also known as the “city of flowers” because of its numerous flower plantations.

I had never visited the city before, so I really enjoyed our walk while Fabrizio lead me to the different places. We had a gelato, we stopped by the casino and the Ariston theatre, where the festival takes place.

It was almost time for dinner and we were very hungry after our long trip from France. We made our exceptional foodie discovery at Cantine Sanremesi, a tiny little restaurant with the nicest owners ever!…and the food, oh the food! Take a look at our photos: seafood and pesto, traditional style!

We spent just a few hours in this beautiful city but we’ll surely come back for other foodie adventures!

Have you ever visited Sanremo? Do you have any other tips to discover this beautiful city? Leave a comment, we want to hear from you!


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  1. Oh the food looks divine!!! Wow


    1. It really was! I would definitely recommend a stop there 😉


      1. just another food stop to add to the ever growing list!! Great blog!!


      2. Lol, will we ever stop at all of them? I do wish you to! Thanks for your words!

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