Chicken breast with Taleggio cheese, tangerines and Speck prosciutto!

We know flambé is not the easiest technique, but Saffron loves to add a little bit of sweetness in his dishes! That’s what he did for this yummy recipe, which gives your chicken breast a different twist! Very yummy!

Ingredients (for 4 servings)

1 chicken breast

150 gr Speck prosciutto

150 gr Taleggio cheese

4 tangerines (2 to cook, 2 for garnish)

2 garlic cloves

Extra Virgin olive oil

2 spoons of Brandy




Chop the chicken breast. Sautée garlic cloves in a frying pan with olive oil. When they’re golden, add chicken, salt and pepper. When they’re half-cooked, add 2 tangerines (cut the peel with a knife so you only use the fruit pulp, not the fibre), Speck prosciutto and keep cooking. Add Brandy and flambé. Add Taleggio at the very end and let it melt. Serve right away, adding the 2 remaining tangerines (you can peel these, for a better result in the plate).

Recipe: chicken breast Saffron's flambé! Recipe: chicken breast chicken breast recipe

Recipe by Maple&Saffron©

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  1. wickeddays says:

    It looks delicious 🙂 Bet it`s yummy as well


    1. Thank you! It is…you should try it!

      Liked by 1 person

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