10 reasons why you should visit Abruzzo in winter!

Abruzzo is the perfect place for any type of holiday you like! Are you thinking of winter to come visit? Here are 10 great reasons why you should visit Abruzzo in magical winter season!

1. Christmas markets

Anywhere you decide to stay in the region, our beautiful towns will host a lovely Christmas market during December, with artisan crafts, traditional street food, beautiful souvenirs for you and your friends…and the magic of Christmas atmosphere!

Christmas markets in Abruzzo
Photo from the web

2. Living Nativity scene representations

Christmas religious celebrations are important in Italy, especially in genuine regions like Abruzzo! One of the most-felt and beautiful traditions that still takes place is the “living” Nativity scene – set up in many towns of Abruzzo – in which the inhabitants are proud to take part, recreating the touching moments of Jesus’s birth. Something really special to see!

Living Nativity scene in Abruzzo
Photo from the web

3. Skiing, snow-shoeing and cross-country on stunning mountains!

Winter is snow lovers’ season! Hundreds of kilometres of fantastic ski trails are ready for you on Abruzzo mountains, which are also perfect for snow-shoeing to discover our stunning woods, regional wild animals and ancient mountain villages! Looking for some rest after your activities? Lovely huts on the trails and delicious restaurants in our tiny mountain towns are waiting for you, where you can eat typical Abruzzo dishes and taste our traditional liquors!

Ski trails in Abruzzo
Ski trails in Abruzzo – Photo from the web

4. Patron Saints’ celebrations

Saints’ celebrations are famous in Abruzzo all year round, but wintertime is when we celebrate a special Saint: Saint Anthony! The legend says he fought against the Devil that tormented him. Celebrations for Saint Anthony are known all over Abruzzo, with fires put up in his honour, traditional bands performing chants and representations of his fight against the Devil along the streets, typical dishes and street food. Something not to miss!

Saint Anthony's celebrations in Abruzzo
Chants and songs for Saint Anthony – Photo from the web

5. Winter old traditions and celebrations

Winter had a big importance in farmers’ life: its beginnings and ends, its coldness and mildness marked the abundance or scarcity of crops during harvest season. In Abruzzo we celebrate winter with huge fires in town squares. This tradition might have different reasons: it could come from old wizardry to ensure sunlight to farmers and animals, or it could have had a purifying power, to destroy negative influences. The charm and atmosphere of its light, the people gathering around the fire in the square…magical!

Fires to celebrate winter in Abruzzo
Photo from the web

6. Pork sausage traditional season

Best part of December for every Abruzzese? Pork meat days! Every family gets together and makes ribs, salami, lonza, sausages…each family with its recipes and ingredients!

Homemade sausages in Abruzzo families in winter season

7. Epiphany celebrations

La Befana: the ugly old lady, who travels on a broomstick on the night of Jan 5th, putting sweets and candies in good kids’ stockings…don’t be a bad kid, though, or she will bring you charcoal! We have many events to celebrate “la Befana”; one of the best-known is the big “fiera dell’Epifania” in L’Aquila, a huge beautiful market along the streets of the town, where you can find souvenirs, regional street food, crafts and much more!

credit: zingarate
La Befana – Photo from zingarate.it

8. New Year celebrations 

Whether you want a beach outdoor celebration or a snowy mountain escape, the beauty of being in Abruzzo for New Year’s Eve is that…you can find them both! Were you thinking of a countryside type of party instead? Abruzzo hilltops have plenty of choices! Plus, you can find great food wherever you go and choose some of the most magical town squares to welcome the new year with concerts, wine, street food and warm Abruzzese people!

New Year in Abruzzo
New Year’s eve in Abruzzo – Photo of Pacentro by Franco Santini from Paesaggi d’Abruzzo

9. Christmas traditional sweets!

Did you know that foreign tourists’ favourite Italian cuisine is the one in Abruzzo? A good reason itself for visiting, but winter holidays in Abruzzo are also a sweet wonderland for all of you with a sweet tooth! Not just for Christmas traditional sweets, like bocconotti, calcionetti, sfogliatelle…but also for all the recipes to celebrate Carnival and the towns’ Patron Saints!

Caggiunìtt (Calcionetti) of Abruzzo
Caggiunìtt – traditional Christmas sweets of Abruzzo

10. Carnevale!

Who doesn’t like Carnival? Masks, costumes, traditional Carnival sweets, colourful float parades…come and take part in the amazing celebrations in one of Abruzzo’s towns!

Visit unspoiled Abruzzo! Click here

Carnival in Abruzzo
Carnival in Abruzzo – Photo from the web



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  1. Agatha says:

    Looks amazing

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  2. Looks like a beautiful place!


    1. It really is, thank you! 🙂 you’re welcome any time http://www.mapleandsaffron.com 🙂


  3. My family will be coming to stay at my little farm for Christmas for our first time this year so this is incredibly helpful. Grazie mille!


    1. I’m so happy to read it, thank you! 🙂


      1. We will talk more soon. I’m just sick as a dog, right now. Rebecca

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  4. I truly like your post. It is nice to read about Abruzzo and it gives me a sweet sense of nostalgia.


    1. Thank you so much Giulia! We understand your nostalgia very well. Which part of Abruzzo are you from?


      1. I’m from Chieti. And you?


      2. It’s a small blog world. 😉


      3. It really is 😉 It’s so nice to meet other abruzzesi around the world! Please, keep in touch! 🙂


      4. I’ll definitively do so. Have a great day!

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  5. Fantastic list and gorgeous photos. It’s interesting to see some similarities with Sicily but some differences too. The Befana celebrations sound great fun!


    1. Thank you! They’re a lot of fun, big crowd and plenty of food! 🙂 Do you make sausages and salami in December too?


  6. Loved it – thanks! Christmas spirit, winter fun, traditional dishes…we love winter here in Abruzzo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Winter in Abruzzo is so much fun! Our guests love it! Actually all seasons are fun in our region! 😉


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