When food is art, when tasting is an experience: Niko Romito’s Reale restaurant!

When you love cooking, tasting and travelling for food, your palate is always looking for new and sublime experiences…and a brilliant, creative chef  is what you want!

Niko Romito’s Reale restaurant, which recently got its third Michelin star, is a must-have experience for all people who believe food and cooking can rich artistic levels! Eating at Reale is something indescribable using words…only your mouth can really get what we’re talking about. Each dish is the result of talent and research , and a perfect and complete experience for your taste buds…tasting is believing!

We had the privilege to talk with Niko, visit his huge kitchen, take a little tour of Casadonna with him. We learned more about his work and the passion and care he puts in his dishes and projects! We were blessed to have the chance to ask him all the questions we thought about while tasting his menu! When a chef tells you how much effort he put in a project, how much time it took him to perfectly conceive a recipe, you really understand there has to be passion behind a successful story!

Here’s a gallery of photos we took during our dream dinner at Reale:

Maple&Saffron RealeMaple&Saffron Reale1Maple&Saffron Reale2Maple&Saffron Reale3Maple&Saffron Reale4Maple&Saffron Reale5Maple&Saffron Reale6Maple&Saffron Reale7Maple&Saffron Reale8Maple&Saffron Reale9Maple&Saffron Reale10Maple&Saffron Reale11Maple&Saffron Reale12Maple&Saffron Reale13Maple&Saffron Reale14Maple&Saffron Reale15Maple&Saffron Reale16Maple&Saffron Reale17 Maple&Saffron Reale18

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