Wonders of Bomarzo: the Monster Park (il Parco dei mostri)!

Among gigantic statues and monstrous creatures, Bomarzo Monster Park is a place to visit!

Created by architect Pirro Ligorio in 1552, strongly wanted by prince Orsini in his property, it was abandoned and restored after centuries.

Here’s a gallery of photos from our visit to this incredible place!

Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park2 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park3 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park4 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park5 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park6 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park7 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park8 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park9 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park10 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park11 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park12 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park13 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park14 Maple&Saffron Abruzzo tours monster park15

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  1. Thank you, during the visit I didn’t notice the park signal… it makes it look like an amusement park, while it’s a sophisticated Mannerist masterpiece, still hard to be fully interpreted…
    Thank you for bringing me back there! 🙂


    1. Thank you for stopping by our blog! We simply loved the park and the feeling we had while there: you could almost see ladies for ancient centuries with their long dresses and their small sun umbrellas walking in there!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lauren! It’s such a special walk! 🙂


    2. It truly deserves a visit! 🙂


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