A beautiful day in Orvieto, Umbria: food and music!

We spent a day in Orvieto during “Umbria Jazz Winter” Festival…it was such a marvelous surprise! Before entering the town, we visited the public gardens…orvieto entrata citta'the view from there was gorgeous!orvieto panorama giardinoorvieto e saffronWe started our walk along the narrow streets…and we found out that Orvieto is bigger than it looks at a first glance! The Christmas decorations gave it even  a more magical atmosphere…it was like being in a fairyland!orvieto via incantata…then while walking and looking for a magnet to bring back home as a souvenir, from a distance, this incredible view appeared in front of us…the beautiful Duomo! Orvieto scorcio duomo

You wouldn’t expect such a wide open space and huge church…stunning!orvieto duomo interoOrvietoWe kept wandering along the streets, then we decided to stop for dinner…orvieto notte viaorvieto notte viale…and that’s what we ate!orvieto vissani parmigianaorvieto pizza vissaniIt was time to go and line up at the theatre…let the concert begin!orvieto teatroorvieto teatro 2orvieto jazz festival

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  1. Enjoyed the fotos! We have close friends who work in Orvieto. Love this town (the wine) and the region of Italy.

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    1. Thank you Pamela! Orvieto is a magical city, we were totally captured by its beauty!

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  2. Gorgeous photos! Are you in Italy now?


    1. Hello Jennifer! How are you? Thank you! 🙂 Yes, we are in Italy! Maple


  3. Bricolage says:

    che spettacolo l’angolazione d’arrivo al duomo!


    1. Ci ha lasciato senza fiato!


  4. Thank you! Medieval magic…we couldn’t say it with better words! We really didn’t want to leave…I’m sure we’ll be back in Orvieto very soon!


  5. Beautiful photos of festive Orvieto! I can just feel that magic in the air….a medieval type. The duomo….i could stare at it for hours. Thank you for a pleasant escape!


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