Visiting “Eataly”

Do you know what Eataly is? If you don’t, you definitely have to visit one! But first, read what it’s all about here!

MapleandSaffron Eataly


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  1. We loved our stop at Eataly in NYC (still need to get to the “real” Eataly some day)!


    1. We were overwhelmed when we got in the store in Genoa, we were like kids in a toy store! 😀 We can’t wait to go to the one in Rome, some friends said it’s huge! Did you buy anything? 🙂 Maple


      1. A cloth bread basket was all that went home with us (good thing we were flying and limited by luggage space!) — but we enjoyed a wonderful glass of vino and antipasti plate at one of the numerous dining spots!


      2. Aperitivo, our favourite Italian habit! 😉


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