Dall’Etna al Gran Sasso: when Sicily comes to Abruzzo!

Sicily and Abruzzo: a magical rendezvous that happens once a year in the stunning atmosphere of Città Sant’Angelo!

This enchanting little borgo, part of the exclusive club of the “most beautiful old villages of Italy”, hosts every year “Dall’Etna al Gran Sasso”, a sagra where you can taste the best of Abruzzo and Sicily culinary traditions. It is not only a food feast though: the whole town becomes a big exposition of both Abruzzo and Sicily cultures.

We took many photos and here’s a gallery of the event.


Many stalls had typical regional products:

maple and saffronmapleandsaffron.com2mapleandsaffron.com4mapleandsaffron.com22mapleandsaffron.com5

and then you turn a corner and you can find old traditional songs and dances performed in authentic old dresses!


all the stalls were enchanting and sold many beautiful objects:


Maple must confess: “I couldn’t leave without buying something…aren’t these earrings amazing? They are made by Maninpasta Fimo! You can see all their incredible creations in the last two pictures!


Don’t forget to put this sagra in your Abruzzo must-see list!

Visit unspoiled Abruzzo! Click here

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  1. Such colorful photography! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. Thank you Jennifer! 🙂


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