A foodie adventure in Trentino: welcome to Fiera di Primiero!

Close your eyes.

Now imagine mountaintops, pine trees, tiny little wood houses tracing wide alpine valleys…welcome to Fiera di Primiero!


Fiera is a beautiful tiny village situated in Trentino Alto Adige. We know very well this Northern region of Italy, not only for its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful villages and warm people…but also for its food! Among its incredibly tasty traditional dishes we can name canederli (big gnocchi made of bread, speck, cheese and herbs), mortandela (cured-type pork meat), speck (smoked prosciutto) just to mention a few. We never leave without visiting two-three restaurants everywhere we go in the region, and without stopping to each small town, hidden by the enchanting Alps, we find on our way.

What makes Fiera di Primiero so special for us? An amazing, smiling and welcoming woman: the incredible Gianna!


Gianna is the owner of Malga Canali, a real must-go for food lovers!!! We’re not exaggerating here: if you want to have an authentic and genuine experience of Trentino and its traditional food, you can’t miss this place!

This house-looking little farm, literally in the middle of the woods, hides a very cozy, typical restaurant, where everything speaks of tradition, devotion and love for simple food.


The first thing that drew our attention was the big, welcoming fireplace, where a hanging pot contained the delicious polenta we’d be tasting in a couple of minutes.


We really didn’t know what to order, we didn’t want to miss anything! That’s why we asked for a little bit of…everything! This is a gallery of all we ate that night…


Everything was incredibly good and tasty…and it was the first time we had cheese milked that same day…sooooo GOOD!!!

Of course Gianna didn’t let us leave without tasting her cake, having a coffee and some of her grappa.


It has been such a pleasure to spend some time talking to her and listening to the story of her little farm and how much she struggled to keep it alive! Meeting Gianna is an inspiration to always fight for your dreams!

We couldn’t explain the heart of this place better than this page in the menu


If all this is not enough to arouse your curiosity and visit Fiera di Primiero, we leave you with other beautiful photos of the town and its surroundings…Trentino, a daydream for foodies!


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  1. zb2013 says:

    This looks fantastic, what a wonderful experience 😊


    1. It really was! Thank you!


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