Ever made pork sausages?

Being born in Italy has many advantages; one of them is surely the vast food tradition we learn since we are kids.

Both our families in Abruzzo have kept the art of making homemade sausages for generations. We grew up waiting for December and that special day to come. It’s actually still like that: it’s a celebration, a Christmas day before Christmas. The whole family gets together and shares that special moment. Everyone has his/her task and makes sure everything’s ready.

Usually men  prepare the pork meat: they cut it into pieces and then they mince it in the mincing machine;


after that, the meat is seasoned with salt, spices (according to the taste, each family uses different spices and different quantities) and other ingredients to make different types of sausages.


The best part is yet to come: when we finish the whole family eats pork chops, cooked directly in a big fireplace in the kitchen!

December and January are the best months to make sausages: the weather is cold and it’s perfect because the meat keeps its freshness and the fat doesn’t melt.

We surely don’t run out of cold weather here in Nova Scotia, so we thought: “Why don’t we make them here in Canada?”…so we did!!!


We bought pork meat and we spent a whole evening in the basement. We worked hard but we also had a lot of fun! The meat wasn’t as fat as the one we usually have in Italy, but the result was just as good. What do you think?

sausages3 sausages5new

When we make sausages in Abruzzo we usually put some of them in oil or lard so that we can preserve and use them to spread, for example, on a bruschetta…for a delicious appetizer! We put some of them in oil here too, just to try…we hope they’ll be as tasty as in Abruzzo!


We left our country but we brought with us the special moments and traditions we had in Abruzzo, which are stronger than time and distance.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Ah! Che nostalgia!


    1. Fate come noi…le abbiamo fatte lì! 😉


  2. Looks effing awesome. Love homemade sausages. When you preserve them in oil are tehy cooked first??


    1. Thank you! No, they are not. But they are cured and dried before putting them under olive oil.


      1. going to tryt that for sure 🙂


      2. Can’t wait to see the pictures! 🙂


  3. YunitaGena says:

    wow..looks delicious…


      1. YunitaGena says:

        🙂 u’re welcome


  4. These look amazing!!! Makes me want to visit Abruzzo someday!


    1. Thank you! Maybe we’ll see you in one of our tours some day, there’s plenty of sausages and authentic food to taste! 🙂 Very nice to meet you! Alessia


  5. Thank you 🙂 We made a good work, they’re actually good 🙂 Btw, lovely blog! Very nice to meet you! Alessia


  6. fionaward says:

    Italian sausages are amazing, and they look delicious!


  7. Emilia says:

    I’m so impressed that you decided to make your own pork sausages, that’s fantastic! You’re definitely right about how lucky Italian kids are to be raised in such a complex food culture. Italian food traditions are fascinating.


    1. Thank you! We have to thank our families 🙂 We were very lucky to live in small towns where we still keep our tradition alive!


  8. Amy says:

    These look delicious!


    1. Thank you Amy! Very nice to meet you! Alessia


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