Our first authentic Nova Scotia snowfall!

We woke up this morning, ready to go out, and this is what we found!

snow storm

We come from a very warm part of Abruzzo, where we normally don’t get a lot of snow in the winter; actually, when we get snow, we go outside and take pictures!!!

So our first thought, as Italians, was: “let’s stay home!”; but we had important things to do today, plus we’re from Abruzzo, so we couldn’t give up like that!

snow storm2

We went outside and braved the storm! And against all odds…we made it!!! It wasn’t easy, but either that terrible! They say there’s much more to come though…we’ve accepted the challenge!

snow storm3


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Emilia says:

    The snow is absolutely beautiful! I’m impressed you decided to go out in it. Even as a New Yorker who is fairly used to snow, my first thought when I see piles and pile of the white stuff outside is to stay at home, preferably with a mug of hot chocolate and something yummy in the oven.


    1. That’s my first thought too!!! 😀 But here you would probably stay home until May, so we had to find the courage and go out 😉


  2. Bricolage says:

    grandissimi! 😀


    1. C’è voluto parecchio coraggio, credimi! 😀


      1. Bricolage says:

        immagino, pero’ andrenalina a 4000 😀


      2. Ahahahahahh decisamente sì! E’ stato fantastico! 😀 Ieri sera siamo usciti ed al rientro c’erano -24°!!! Finché non ci sei dentro pensi che non sia possibile! 😀


      3. Bricolage says:

        due pinguini!! 😀


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