Pavia Gallery: finally a REAL espresso!

Usually we’re not the type of Italians that are always looking for Italian stuff wherever they go, but this morning we had a chance we couldn’t  miss.

While searching for the last Christmas gifts (ok, it’s the 23rd, but who has already bought all the gifts by the 23rd?!), we passed in front of a café called Pavia Gallery, in Herring Cove. It was around midday and we felt like coffee, plus it was snowing and we wanted to drink something hot, so we got inside.

pavia gallery

We ordered two espressos and…surprise: finally, after 3 months in Nova Scotia, we had our first real Italian espresso! The owners import coffee directly from Tuscany…and you could taste it: for a couple of minutes we went back home. Plus, we had our espressos (served with two Ricciarelli biscuits that were delicious) at the counter, the Italian way: we hadn’t realized how much we missed it!


Thanks to Fabrizio’s perfect English accent (read the previous sentence adding sarcasm) the owner guessed we were Italian, so we had also a nice conversation with Christopher and Victoria, two passionate third generation Italians that brought a little and genuine piece of our country to Nova Scotia.

We’re surely going back there…and we really think you should do the same.

pavia gallery and me


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