Atlantic Canada lifestyle experiment 1: cooking lobsters!

Can you really live in Nova Scotia and say you have never cooked a lobster? Of course not, especially if you’re a foodie!

ipad 004

First of all you need the right “tools”: a deep lobster pot, lobster scissors, lobster forks, lobster crackers…and a lobster attitude! Yes, because it’s not easy to take a lobster in your hands, look it in its eyes  and then throw it in boiling water! I was lucky, Fabrizio decided to take that responsibility and be the murderer.

ipad 001

We thought it wasn’t that difficult after all…because we hadn’t eaten them yet! I practically washed myself while trying to open mine…that was hilarious!

ipad 005

Now we can say it: lobster is one of the most exquisite things you can eat in Nova Scotia! Do you want to top it off? Garlic butter!

ipad 006

Any advice on how to choose the right lobster to buy?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bricolage says:

    ma le avete pescate voi????’
    ed esiste un burro di aglio??????


    1. No, le abbiamo comprate 😉 Il burro all’aglio l’abbiamo fatto: lo sciogli al microonde e aggiungi l’aglio in infusione 😉


      1. Bricolage says:

        😀 ah ecco! 😉 grazie dell’idea!


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